J. S. Bach
Concerto in D minor, BWV 1052
Concerto in F Major, BWV 1057
Brandenburg concerto № 5 in D Major, BWV 1050

S. Barber
Piano concerto, Op. 38

L. van Beethoven
Concerto № 1 in C Major, Oр. 15
Concerto № 3 in C minor, Oр. 37
Concerto № 5 in E flat Major, Oр. 73
Fantasia for piano, choir and orchestra, Oр. 80

V. Bibik
«Symbols», concerto № 3 for piano and chamber orchestra (world premiere performance)

F. Chopin
Concerto № 1 in E minor, Oр. 11
Concerto № 2 in F minor, Oр. 21

M. de Falla
Nights in the Gardens of Spain, suite for piano and orchestra, G. 49

E. Grieg
Concerto in A minor, Oр. 16

P. Hindemith
«Klaviermusik mit Orchester» for Left-Hand Piano and Orchestra, Op. 29

O. Messiaen

W. A. Mozart
Concerto № 12 in A Major, K. 414
Concerto № 14 in E flat Major, K. 449
Concerto № 15 in B flat Major, K. 450
Concerto № 23 in A Major, K. 488
Concerto № 24 in C minor, K. 491
Concerto № 25 in C Major, K. 503
Concerto № 27 in E flat Major, KV 595
Concerto for three pianos in F Major, K. 242

S. Prokofiev
Concerto № 1 in D flat Major, Oр. 10
Concerto № 2 in G minor, Oр. 16
Concerto № 5 in G Major, Oр. 55

S. Rachmaninoff
Concerto № 1 in F sharp minor, Op. 1
Concerto № 2 in C minor, Op. 18

M. Ravel
Concerto in G Major
Concerto in D Major (for the left hand)

R. Schumann
Concerto in A minor, Oр. 54

T.  Shakhidi
Concertante for Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra

D. Shostakovich
Concerto N° 1 for piano, trumpet and string orchestra, Op. 35

R. Strauss
Burleske in D minor


I. Albeniz
Triana N° 6 from the suite «Iberia»

J. S. Bach
Selected two-voice inventions, BWV 772
Three-voice inventions (sinfonias), BWV 787-801
English suite № 3 in G minor, BWV 808
English suite № 5 in E minor, BWV 810
French suite N° 1 in D minor,  BWV 812
French suite N° 5 in G Major, BWV 816
French suite N° 6 in E Major, BWV 817
Suite in A minor, BWV 818a
Partita № 1 in B flat Major, BWV 825
Partita № 7 (French ouverture) in B minor, BWV 831
Selected preludes and fugues from «Well-tempered clavier»
Italian concerto in F Major, BWV 971
Capriccio «On the departure of the beloved brother» in B flat Major, BWV 992

Prelude and fugue for organ in E flat Major, BWV 552
Choral «Nun komm’, der Heiden Heiland» for organ, BWV 659
Ciaconna № 2 in D minor for violin solo, BWV 1004

Choral «Jesu bleibet meine Freude» from the Cantata BWV 147

Suite for Lute in C minor, BWV 997 (prelude, fugue, sarabande, gigue with variations)

Siciliano from the sonata No. 2 for flute and piano, BWV 1031

Prelude and fugue for organ in A minor, BWV 543
Prelude and fugue for organ in B minor, BWV 544

Choral for organ «O Mensch bewein’ dein’ Sünde gross», BWV 622

Aria from the cantate «Schafe können sicher weiden» , BWV 208

Prelude № 10 in B minor, BWV 855

B. Bartok
Allegro Barbaro
3 hungarian folk songs
Romanian folk dance № 1

L. van Beethoven
Sonata № 3 in C Major, Oр. 2 № 3
Sonata № 4 in E flat Major, Oр. 7
Sonata № 5 in C minor, Op. 10 № 1
Sonata № 6 in F Major, Op. 10 № 2
Sonata № 7 in D Major, Oр. 10 № 3
Sonata № 8 in C minor, Oр. 13, «Pathétique»
Sonata № 11 in B flat Major, Oр. 22
Sonata № 13 in E flat Major, Op. 27 № 1
Sonata № 15 in D Major, Oр. 28, «Pastorale»
Sonata № 18 in E flat Major, Oр. 31 № 3, «The Hunt»
Sonata № 22 in F Major, Op. 54
Sonata № 25 in G Major, Op. 79
Sonata № 32 in C minor, Op. 111
Rondo in G, Op. 51 № 2
Fantasia in G minor, Oр. 77
Rondo in G Major «The rage over a lost penny», Oр. 129
«Andante favori» in F Major, WoO 57

A. Berg
Sonata in B minor, Oр. 1

J. Brahms
Sonata № 2 in F sharp minor, Oр. 2
Rhapsody in G minor, Op. 79
Intermezzo, Oр. 117
Ballade in G minor from the «Six pieces for piano», Op. 118
Chorales from Oр. 122: №8 «Es ist ein Ros entsprungen», №9 «Herzlich tut mich verlangen», №10 «Herzlich tut mich verlangen»

F. Chopin
Rondo c-moll, Op. 1
Andante spianato and Brilliant Polonaise in E flat Major, Op. 22
Ballade № 1 in G minor, Oр. 23
Nocturne des-Dur, Op. 27
24 preludes, Oр. 28
Nocturne as-Dur, Op. 32 № 2
Ballade № 2 in F Major, Oр. 38
Scherzo № 3 in C flat minor, Oр. 39
Waltz As-Dur №. 5, Op. 42
Fantasia in F minor, Oр. 49
Scherzo № 4 in E Major, Oр. 54
Waltz cis-moll №. 7, Op. 64
Selected etudes (Op. 10 and Op. 25), mazurkas, nocturnes, polonaises (more info on the «Recordings» page)

F. Couperin
«Passacaglia», «L’engageante», «Les petits moulins à vent», «Harlequin», «Les satires, chevre-pieds»

C. Debussy
12 etudes
«L’Isle joyeuse»
Selected preludes, including № 2 «Voile», № 9 «La Sérénade interrompue», № 21 «Hommage à S. Pickwick ESQ», «La puerta del vino», «General Levine — eccentric», «Des pas sur la neige»

M. de Falla
Fantasía Baética
Suite from the «El amor brujo» ballet («Pantomime», «Song of the will-o’-the-wisp», «Dance of terror», «The magic circle», «Ritual Fire Dance«)

C. Franck
Prelude, fugue and variations in H minor, Op. 18 (arr. by Bauer)
Prelude, Chorale and Fugue, Op. 21

A. Ginastera
Three Argentine Dances («Danza del Viejo Boyero», «Danza della Moza Donosa», «Danza del Gaucho Matrero»)

E. Granados
«La Maja y el ruiseñor» from «Goyescas» piano suite

E. Grieg
Selected lyric pieces, including:
«Once upon a time», Op. 71; «The Stream», Op. 62; «Last Spring», Op. 34; «Grandmother’s minuet», Op. 68; «Wedding Day at Troldhaugen», Op. 65; «Ballad», Op. 65; «Puck», Op. 71; «Watchhman’s song», Op. 12; «Carnival», Op. 19; «Elegy», Op. 38

M. C. Guarnieri
Ponteio № 6, 13

G. F. Handel
Suite № 3 in D minor, HWV 428

J. Haydn
Sonata № 33 in C minor,  Hob XVI/20

P. Hindemith
Ludus Tonalis (Counterpoint, tonal and technical studies for the piano)
Suite «1922», Oр. 26

L. Janacek
Sonata «1.X.1905»

Piano Dances (Shooshiki, Yerangi)

F. Liszt
Sonata in B minor, S.178
Spanish rhapsody, S.254
Hungarian rhapsody № 14 in F minor, S.244
Selected pieces from the «Years of Pilgrimage» cycle, including, among others, «Sposalizio», «Il Penseroso», «Canzonetta del Salvator Rosa», «Sonetta 123 del Petrarca», «Venezia e Napoli» from the second year, «Les Jeux d’Eau de la Villa d’Este» from the third year, «La Lugubra Gondola № 2»
Selected etudes from the «Transcendental etudes» cycle
Concert etudes «The Noise of the Forest», S.145 № 1, «Dance of the Dwarfs», S.145 № 2
Nocturne in A flat major from the «Dreams of Love» series, S.541 № 3

A. Lokshin
Theme and variations in C minor

F. Mendelsohn-Bartholdy
Rondo-capriccioso in E Major, Oр. 14
Six songs without words

W. A. Mozart
Sonata № 2 in F Major, K. 280
Sonata № 4 in E flat Major, K. 282
Sonata № 5 in G Major, K. 283
Sonata № 8 in A minor, K. 310
Sonata № 12 in F Major, K. 332
Sonata № 13 in B flat Major, K. 333
Fantasy in C minor, K. 396
Fantasy in C minor, K. 475
Romance in A flat Major, Anh. 205

S. Prokofiev
Toccata in D minor, Oр. 11
10 Pieces, Oр. 12
Sonata № 2 in D minor, Oр. 14
«Sarcasms», Oр. 17
«Visions Fugitives», Op. 22
«Tales of an Old Grandmother», Op. 31
«Romeo and Juliette», 10 pieces, ор. 75
Sonata № 6 in A Major, Oр. 82
Three Pieces for Piano, Op. 96 from «War and Peace» and «Lermontov» (Waltz in E flat Major, Countrydance, Waltz Mephisto)
Etudes № 1, 2, 3, Op. 2

S. Rachmaninoff
Études-Tableaux № 1 and 9, Op. 33; № 3, 4, 6, 8, Op. 39

J.-F. Rameau
Suite in G Major, RCT 6
La cupis (l aire tendre pour les muses), transcription for piano by Jacob Katsnelson

M. Ravel
Pavane pour une infante défunte, Op. 19
«Valses nobles et sentimentales», Op. 61
«Le Tombeau de Couperin», Op. 68

D. Scarlatti
Selected sonatas (about 20 pieces, incl. sonatas in D Major, К 443; H minor, К 87; D Major, К 214)

A. Schnitke
Improvisation and fugue

F. Schubert
Sonata in A minor, Op. 164, D 537
Sonata in A Major, Op. 120 posth., D 664
6 Moments Musicaux,  Op. 94, D 780
Sonata № 20 in G Major, Op. 78, D 894
Songs from «Swan Song» («Serenade», «Die junge Nonne», «By the sea», «Auf dem Wasser zu singen») and «Winterreise» («The Post») cycles in transcriptions by F. Liszt

R. Schumann
«Davidsbuendlertaenze», Oр. 6
Toccata, Oр. 7
«Carnival», Oр. 9
«Symphonic etudes», Oр. 13
«Kreisleriana», Oр. 16
«Arabesque», Oр. 18
Selected novelettes, Oр. 21
Sonata № 2 in G minor, Oр. 22
Romances in B minor, № 2 F sharp Major Op. 28, H Major

I. Stravinsky
Serenade in A («Hymn», «Romance», «Rondoletto», «Final Cadence»)

P. I. Tchaikovsky
Selected pieces from «The Seasons», Op. 37b
Nocturne from the «Snow Maiden» (arr. by Siloti)

E. Villa-Lobos
Chôros No. 5 («Alma Brasileira»)

«Tannhäuser» overture, concert paraphrase


A. A. Alyabyev
Trio for violin, cello and piano

A. S. Arensky
Trio № 1 for violin, cello and piano in D minor, Op. 32
Trio № 2 for violin, cello and piano in F minor, Op. 73

A. Babajanian
Trio for violin, cello and piano in F sharp minor

A. Babadjanian, A. Arutiunian
Armenian Rhapsody (symphony for two pianos)

S. Barber
Sonata for Violoncello and Piano in C minor, Op. 6

B. Bartok
Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, Sz. 110
Sonata № 1 for violin and piano

L. van Beethoven
Trio № 1 for piano, violin and cello in E flat Major, Oр. 1 № 1
Trio № 3 for piano, violin and cello in C minor, Oр. 1 № 3
Trio № 4 for piano, violin and cello in B flat Major, Oр. 11 («Gassenhauer-Trio»)
Trio № 7 for piano, violin and cello in B flat Major, Oр. 97 («Archduke trio»)
Sonata № 1 for cello and piano in F Major, Oр. 5 № 1
Sonata № 2 for cello and piano in G minor, Oр. 5 № 2
Sonata № 3 for cello and piano in A Major, Oр. 69
Sonata № 4 for cello and piano in C Major, Oр. 102 № 1
Sonata № 5 for cello and piano in D Major, Oр. 102 № 2
Sonata № 10 for violin and piano in G Major, Oр. 96 («The Cockcrow»)
Piano concerto № 4 in G Major, Op. 58 (Beethoven’s own transcription, reconstructed by Hans-Werner Küthen) (premiere performance in Russia)
Piano quartet in F flat Major (arrangement for Piano and Winds), Op. 16
12 Variations on «See the conqu’ring hero comes» from Handel’s «Judas Maccabaeus» for cello and piano
12 Variations for piano and cello in F Major on Mozart’s The Magic Flute: «Ein Mädchen Oder Weibchen», Op. 66

J. Brahms
Trio № 1 for piano, violin and cello in B Major, Oр. 8
Piano quartet № 1 in G minor, Op. 25
Sonata in F minor, Op. 34a
Trio № 3 for piano, violin and cello in C minor, Oр. 101
Clarinet trio in A minor (for piano, clarinet and cello), Oр. 114
Clarinet sonata in E flat Major (arrangement for viola and piano), Op. 120

E. Chausson
Piano trio in G minor, Op. 3
Concerto for piano, violin, and string quartet in D Major, Op. 21
Thème et variations

C. Czerny
Fantasy for piano for 6 hands

C. Debussy
Petite Suite for piano, four hands, L.65
Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun (arrangement for flute and piano), L.86
«Chansons de Bilitis» for voice and piano (arrangement for flute and piano), L.90
Nocturnes (transcription for two pianos by M. Ravel), L.91
Six épigraphes antiques for piano, four hands, L.131
Sonata for cello and piano, L.135

R. Dubugnon
Incantatio for viola and piano (premiere performance in Russia)

M. Dupré
Ballade for piano and organ in A minor, Op. 30

A. Dvorak
Piano quintet № 2 in A Major (quintet for piano, 2 violins, viola, and cello), Op. 81
Trio № 4 in E minor for piano, violin and cello, Oр. 90 («Dumky-trio»)

M. de Falla
«Seven Spanish Folksongs» (six songs from the suite, arranged for cello and piano), G. 40

G. Faure
Piano Quartet № 1 in C minor, Op. 15

C. Franck
Sonata for violin and piano in A Major, FWV 8
Sonata for violin and piano in A Major, FWV 8 (arranged for trumpet and piano by V. Lavrick)

V. Gavrilin
«Sketches» for piano 4 hands
Suite from ballet «Anyuta»

M. I. Glinka
Sonata for viola and piano in D minor
Grand sextet for piano and string quintet in E flat Major

E. Grieg
Violin Sonata № 1 in F Major, Op. 8
Violin Sonata № 2 in G major, Op. 13
Violin Sonata № 3 in C minor, Op. 45
Cello Sonata in A minor, Op. 36

P. Hindemith
Double bass sonata
Oboe sonata
French horn sonata
Sonata for Two Pianos (four hands)
Alto saxophone sonata in E sharp
Viola sonata in F Major, Op. 11 № 4
Kleine Kammermusik Op. 24 № 2
Trombone sonata
Trumpet sonata
Violin sonata in E sharp Major
Trio for viola, heckelphone (or tenor saxophone) and piano, Op. 47

A. Khachaturian
Fragments from Ballets «Gayane» and «Spartak»

B. Kovács
Hommage to Richard Strauss

J. Langlais
Diptych for organ and piano, Op. 179

W. Lutosławski
Subito (for violin and piano)

B. Martinů
Viola Sonata, H 355

F. Mendelsohn-Bartholdy
Violin Sonata in F-Dur, Op. 4
Piano trio № 2 in C-Dur, Op. 66

O. Messiaen
Quatuor pour la fin du temps («Quartet for the End of Time»)
Three movements from «Visions of the Amen»
Thème et variations

E. Mirzoyan
String quartet «Theme with variations»

W. A. Mozart
Violin Sonata № 25 in F Major, KV 377
Quintet for piano and winds in E flat Major (for piano, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and french horn), KV 452
Piano Quartet No. 1 in G minor, KV 478
Trio in E flat Major for Piano, Clarinet and Viola, KV 498 («Kegelstatt-Trio»)
Piano trio № 5 in C Major, KV 548
Adagio and Allegro in F minor for mechanical organ, KV 594
Fantasia in F minor for mechanical organ, KV 608
«Reminiscences de don Juan» (transcription for two pianos by F. Liszt)
«The Magic Flute» overture (transcription for two pianos by F. Busoni)

N. Myaskovsky
Cello Sonata № 1 in D major, Op. 12

F. Poulenc
Trio for oboe, bassoon and piano, FP 43
Cello sonata, FP 143
Flute Sonata, FP 164
Oboe sonata, FP 185

S. Prokofiev
Violin sonata № 1 in F minor, Op. 80
Flute sonata in D Major, Op. 94
Suite from «Cinderella», Op. 95 (transcription for two pianos by Mikhail Pletnev)
Cello sonata in C Major, Op. 119

S. Rachmaninoff
Trio élégiaque № 1 for violin, cello, and piano in G minor
Suite № 1 for two pianos in G minor, Op. 5
Sonata for cello and piano in G minor, Oр. 19
Symphonic Dances, Op. 45 (for two pianos)

M. Ravel
Rapsodie espagnole for two pianos, Op. 54
Trio for piano, violin and cello in A minor, Op. 67

C. Reinecke
Sonata for flute (Sonata Undine), Op. 167
Trio for piano, oboe and horn in A minor, Op. 188

C. Saint-Saëns
Four duets from «Six duets for harmonium and piano», Op. 8

F. Schubert
Introductio and variations for flute and piano in E minor «Trockne Blumen», D.802
Sonata for piano duet in C major «Grand Duo», D 812, Op. 140
Sonata in A minor «Arpeggione», D.821
Trio № 2 for violin, cello and piano in E flat Major, D 929, Oр. 100
Fantasy for violin and piano in C major, D 934, ор. posth. 159
Fantasy for piano duet in F minor, D 940, ор. 103

R. Schumann
Piano quintet in E flat Major, Op. 44
Andante and variations for two pianos, Op. 46b
3 pieces from «Fantasy pieces for cello and piano», Op. 73
3 romances, Op. 94 (for cello and piano)
Violin sonata № 1 in A minor, Oр. 105
Violin sonata № 2 in D minor, Oр. 121

D. Shostakovich
Trio № 1 for violin, cello and piano in C minor, Oр. 8
Sonata for cello and piano in D minor, Op. 40
Piano quintet in G minor (two violins, viola, cello and piano), Oр. 57
Trio № 2 for violin, cello and piano in E minor, Oр. 67
Quartet №13 in B flat minor, Op. 138
Sonata for viola and piano, Op. 147

L. Smith
Sextet for piano, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and french horn

R. Strauss
Sonata for violin and piano in E-flat major, Oр. 18
Selected songs for voice and piano

I. Stravinsky
Sonata for two pianos

H. Sutermeister
«Gavotte de Concert» for trumpet and piano

S. Taneyev
Trio for violin, cello and piano in D, Op. 22
Piano Quintet in G minor, Op. 30

A. Tchaikovsky
Piano trio №2

P. I. Tchaikovsky
Trio for violin, cello and piano in A minor, Oр. 50
Pezzo capriccioso for cello and orchestra (or piano) in B minor, Op. 62

C. M. von Weber
Grand Duo Concertant, Opus 48, J204
Hungarian fantasy for bassoon and piano

C.-M. Widor
Four duets for piano and organ

L. Janáček
Sonata for violin and piano
«Pohádka» («Fairy Tale») for cello and piano


L. van Beethoven
Six songs for voice and piano, Oр. 75

A. Dvořák
«Gypsy Songs» for voice and piano, Op. 55

S. Levin
«The Sun of the Spirit», song cycle on the poems of Nikolay Gumilev

F. Liszt
Sonetti di Petrarca for voice and piano

N. Medtner
Four romances

S. Prokofiev
Five poems of Anna Akhmatova, Op. 27

S. Rachmaninov
Six romances, Op. 38

F. Schubert
Winterreise (Winter Journey)

R. Schumann
Dichterliebe (Poet’s Love), song cycle on the poems of Heinrich Heine

G. Sviridov
«Songs of Petersburg», song cycle on the poems of Alexander Blok for bass and piano
«Cast off Russia», song cycle on the poems of Sergei Yesenin for tenor and piano

M. Tariverdiev
Vocal cycle to the verses by V. Mayakovsky («Could you..?», «Something about Petersburg», «Tricks of cloud», «Listen!», «Instead of letter»)

P. I. Tchaikovsky
Various romances

V. Ullman
«Song of life and death of cornet Christopher Rilke»

R. Wagner
Wesendonck Lieder, WWV 91
Scenes from «The Valkyrie», WWV 86B